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by petar

cat in bushes Taking a breathtaking photo of a cat is not as easy as it seems. Cats are very difficult object for photographing. They are constantly on the move unless they are resting. Often they will avoid you unless you have a relationship with them or you attract them with food. Of course, great photos are not impossible. First of all, you need to be patient with these self-willed models. Really, you will need a lot of patience. If you do not have it - this job is not for you. The second thing you will need is practice. You have to learn to predict their behavior, to make connection with them and to gain their trust. You have to learn also which poses are better for photographing.

Some people say "I do not have an expensive camera, that's why I can not make stunning photos". Wrong, wrong, wrong! The expensive camera and the good lenses really are an advantage, but their purpose is just to make your work easier. Remember - what's in your mind is the heart of photo. It is good to use some Photoshop like software for post processing. If you can not afford Photoshop, GIMP is a good free alternative. The software will help you to highlight the attention to the cat, if you have not do this with the composition, and add effects and everything you want.

And, most importantly, have fun! Both of you!

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13.03.2008 17:42:02

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Blitz Watching iPad Photobomb cat! Donnie sweet honey... milk...
(2008-07-20 03:34:04)


(2008-08-21 13:51:30)

Good idea!

(2008-09-10 23:11:25)

How to make cat dont died after took their picture?

(2010-12-11 16:19:02)

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only lonly cat ladies would do this

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