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by petar

While most people think pet insurance is only really necessary when animals get older, the truth is that it is useful even for very young creatures.

It is easy to see how cat owners can save themselves money by getting their animals insured when they were still young.

It's true that the cats older than 10 years have more chance to get long term illnesses such as heart and kidney problems. That's the reason why many insurers will not insure you pet of an older age.

But why to insure a young cat? Most young cats are crazy heads. So accidental injuries are something common. Remember how you felt the first time you saw your cat to walk on the edge of the window? Now imagine it falls and you don't have the money for recovering. Insurance will help you mostly with that kind of accidents.

If your cat goes often outside it is constantly exposed to illnesses. In that case the insurance is a must have.

Remember, the small amount of money you spend for insurance, can save you a lot of them. I hope you'll never use it.

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12.07.2008 05:56:05

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