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by petar

example for bad light and poor composition

I have seen many cat photos, both professional and amateur. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that even the professionals make sometimes:

  • Avoid direct flash. Some of you will say "but I don't have enough money for external flash or professional lightning!". In fact you can solve the problem just by placing a flash diffuser on your internal flash, and costs around 15$. You'll get significantly better pictures that way. Of course the diffuser will not replace the professional lightning, but it’s a good step forward.
  • Don't put your object (the cat) in the center of the frame. Get familiar with the Golden Section rule. It has been found that certain points in a picture's composition automatically attract the viewer's attention. There are many good articles that you can found about the Golden Section rule in the Internet.
  • Always focus on the eyes of the cat, unless the idea of pictures is other. The eyes of the cats are the most beautiful treat in them, so make sure everyone will see their beauty. If you have images that are not with focus on the right spot, delete them with no regret. No one likes blurred images.
  • Avoid too many objects in the background (or multicolor background). This will only take away the attention from your main object – the cat. For example you can use blanket as a background. Also try to blur the background to attract more attention to the main object.
  • Delete the photos that you don't like at 100%. If you wonder is it good or not, better delete it. If you made very cute cat picture, but out of focus - delete is. Be perfectionist. This is the only way to get better.

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24.07.2008 03:23:24

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(2009-03-06 21:04:07)

When photographing feral cats all bets are off. I have no choice but to photograph with the light I have, and use a zoom lens because few ferals trust a human closer than 20 feet. Then I fill in the cat's pupils with Paint Shop Pro7 using paintbrush and retouch-soften. And the camera should be set up to maximum picture size and resolution because the picture will need a lot of cropping. Some results can be seen in this site's Forum section "Feral Cats Only" and more on my Feral Cat Forum

(2009-04-01 17:46:20)

When a couple of ferals would not come out of the bushes, I made the bushes work for me. [img][/img] Here they bring out the suspicious nature of the tux Felix (front) and the cuteness of the gentle tabby Kosichka (back).

(2009-04-01 17:48:33)


(2009-04-01 17:55:51)

Apparently this topic will not display picture. The picture I'm talking about can be seen here:

(2012-04-04 18:43:01)

Excellent post, Sparkle. There's a group in our city that is working to mgaane the local feral groups and they've recently received some funding from our local shelter. They trap the kittens that they can and then adopt them out. There's also a vet clinic outside our city that now offers low cost spay/neuter and they work with this group too. It's a never-ending problem because so many humans don't respect four-legged Beings or understand that we're all One, and so just don't care. :-/

(2012-04-04 23:33:18)

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