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by petar

funny cats Planning your cat photos will save you many time and shots. You will be amazed how easier can be taking photographs of cat when you plan your shots with a little patience.

The first thing you have to do is to become well acquainted with your subject. If it is your domestic cat, see in what time of the day it is playful, when it makes funny thing. Become familiar with its poses - see which one is good to photograph. If it is a street cat, get familiar with the places it goes, when it is with other cats. Remember - cats are more interesting when they play with someone of their kind.

After you get known of your subject, you need to choose and prepare a scene. If it is a house, seek a place with good light. Perhaps something with a window nearby will be a good choice. The place must be as simple as it can - you do not need any distracting details in your photos. Do not forget to arrange a little (unless the chaos is in the photo concept). If you have to, use something to cover the surfaces. For street cat photography you better clean the place a little before start photographing (if it has garbage). You can place some food to attract the cat to the spot you want it.

So, you have prepared the place and you want to make photos. Be patient. Wait something interesting to happen. It may take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on your luck and on is the cat distracted by your presence or your camera. Again, be patient - that's the way you will make good cat photos.

But, realize that even if those things are accomplished, things will still not go according to plan. Cats are living creatures full with surprises, so you can not command them. Doing them only will increase your chances to take a good cat photo.

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13.03.2008 17:44:49

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