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by petar

Cats' nails need to be trimmed. It's good for their health, as well as for your furniture and for your skin. What do you need? First of all, you need nail clippers designed for cats (you can find them in your favorite pet shop). The second thing you need is a little patience.

Here are the steps you need to fallow when you trim your cat’s nails:

  1. Wait until your cat is lying down or calm. It will be very hard to trim the nails of a playing cat. When your cat is in a calm mood go over to her and pet her. Pick her up and put her on your lap.
  2. Put her in between your legs so her back is facing your stomach. Have your nail trimmers ready. The reason you put her in this position is because cats tend to go backwards when scared.
  3. Pick up one paw and push on the underside of the pad (not the top of the paw) so the nail comes out. If your cat is a longhaired, it’s a good idea make the paws wet first.
  4. Look at the nail from the side. Notice the pink color inside the nail. This is the blood supply. Do NOT cut that: this will be very painful for your cat. It will bleed also.
  5. Cut the nail halfway between the end of the blood supply and the tip of a sharp nail. If you find it difficult to see this area, then just clip the sharp point of the nail. Better to be safe than sorry.


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