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by petar

kitten in the bath Do you know that cats have special feelings about the water? Yep, I bet you've guessed - they HATE it. Everyone knows that cats hate getting wet. Cats generally keep themselves clean, and therefore should not be bathed any more often than is absolutely necessary. But they sometimes get especially dirty, or get fleas, or get into substances that are toxic or otherwise harmful. On such occasions, it is necessary to bathe your cat.

Before you start, you will need a cat shampoo, which can be found in any pet store, and two towels. You will also need the temperature in the room the cat will dry to be at least 17 degrees C. It is good to involve 2 people in the operation, but not necessary. This way of bathing your cat is less stressed for your cat, and the chance to get hurt is less.

So, here is how to keep your feline fresh and lovely as painlessly as possible:

  1. Wear appropriate clothing. Not only is it important to wash your cat but it is important to be safe from any possible scratches, major or minor. A long-sleeved shirt will be fine. A good idea is to wear clothes that aren't too new. Remember, there is high chance that your cat will scratch, no matter how good it is.
  2. Trim all nails of the cat before you wash it - this will reduce scratching. This is very important, do not miss that step!
  3. Go to the bathroom with your cat, and close the door. It must not have a way to run.
  4. Hose your cat down with a hand held shower. The water must be warm, like then you take your bath. If your cat tries to run, hold it still, by putting your hand on its back. Do not hose its head directly! If you need to wash your cat's head, take a little water in your hand, and gently wet it.
  5. When your cat is all wet, proceed with shampooing. Make it all soapy. Be sure to not get shampoo in their eyes, nose, mouth, or ears.
  6. After shampooed, wash out your cat. You need all the shampoo to be out, so make this 2-3 times. Remember, try to be gentle as much as you can - your cat will already be very scared.
  7. Have two towels ready for drying. Rub gently with one towel. The first towel will get pretty soaked, so you should switch to the drier one and finish drying until the cat is just damp. It helps if you warm the towels in the dryer first. If your cat is longhaired, you will maybe need more than 2 towels.


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12.09.2008 10:47:28

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(2009-01-31 05:35:47)

i <3 catz!!!

(2010-07-24 06:12:48)

cats don't necessarily /hate/ water, my cats love water, and i always get my kittens used to going in the bath before they go to good homes.

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(2011-09-11 09:35:23)

Aww cutee! x

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Ya learn somethnig new everyday. It's true I guess!

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(2012-02-19 19:22:47)

awwwe so cute!xD

(2013-07-15 01:10:28)

I love this article! Why wont you post an article on how to pick a healthy cat?


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