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by petar

cat fight The most important thing in taking action shots of a cat is the light. Without enough light you can not have enough shuffle speed to get the action. What shuffle speed do you need? 1/500 sec is the minimum. Better make it 1/1000 sec or less. You will take better photos on good daylight (in the morning or the afternoon). If it is a cloudy day and you are within range - use a flash.

You better use a telephoto lens like 135 mm, 200 mm or 300 mm, or some zoom lens with that cover. Otherwise you will disturb the cat and it will not act normal. If you are familiar with the cat you can use something with less focal length to make the picture more interesting.

The burst capture is very useful thing when you take photos of playing cat. If your camera has it - use it! This will increase the chance of taking good photo. You will catch emotions you have not even expected that exist. Then you can save only the best images.

Enjoy the magic of the action photography!

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13.03.2008 17:50:25

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lol so funny

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awesome cat fight!!!!

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my pics are so blury! :(


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