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by petar

Some tips for getting better photos of your domestic cat:

  • Good light is important. Try to take a photo of your cat next to a window. If it is too dark, you probably will need to use a flash. Do not flash directly into the cat's face.
  • himalayan cat

  • Try to catch light in the cat's eyes. That makes them look really nice and makes your photo to look professional.
  • Take a lot of photos. You will get more good pictures this way. If you can not take a lot of photos - plan well what picture you will take.
  • Try to use something for one colored background. That will make your photos to look a lot better.
  • Attract the attention of the cat with a toy. Playing kitten is a classical photo.
  • Photo of a sleeping cat is almost always a good photo. Make sure it lies on something that does not attract attention and looks good. Try different angles and choose the best.
  • sleeping kitty

  • Try to be at the same level as the cat's eyes unless you have something else in mind.
  • Watch cat photos of good photographers. See what you like, what you can use in your own photos. Think about how to make the photo better.
  • Use wide angle or fisheye lens to make your cat looks funnier.
  • Be patient! I usually make my first good photo after a half an hour photographing.
  • Practice! You'll get greater percentage of good photos if you practice a lot.

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13.03.2008 18:00:18

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Blitz Watching iPad Photobomb cat! Donnie sweet honey... milk...
(2008-06-06 01:45:44)

unfortunatly my home is quite dark, I do not have a good light.. It's a pity, because I have to use flash and I do not like it very much..But I do my best!! I just found this site, and it is so beautiful!!! I will add very soon some other pictures..

(2008-06-09 07:13:03)

It's true, direct flash sux.. Try to take pictures closer to the windows to get more light. But when I watch your pictures, I think you got the main idea, they are very beautiful.

(2008-09-21 06:09:01)

If I'm using a flash, I sometimes use tissue paper to mute the flash. Just tape the tissue over the flash to make it less direct. This way the cat's eye don't glow. You can also bounce a flash off a wall or ceiling. Glowing eyes can ruin an otherwise great photo. You can use Adobe Photoshop Deluxe to straighten out glowing eyes. However, you should use plenty of natural light without a flash if you can.

(2009-12-11 14:01:45)

re: thecattrainer's tips: Since I can't swivel the flash on my digital camera, I use Paint Shop Pro7 to fill the flash-spot with black. Typically the Cat's pupil shows up as green or white; I use the brush tool to paint it blsck. But not completely -- I leave a little light spot as a highlight. see pictures (retouched and otherwise) on Feral Cat Forum

(2010-06-24 23:12:12)

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