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by petar

Some tips for getting better photos of street cats:

  • Good light is important! Photograph the street cats at the early morning or the late afternoon if it is possible
  • Try to catch light in the cat's eyes. Your photo will look much better
  • Take a lot of photos - catch every movement and emotion of the cat.
  • lying kitten

  • Look for one colored background. Green blurred grass (or leaf) background is always good. Or use fallen autumn leafs as a background.
  • Try to get closer to the cat with food. The street cats will love you if you give them a little food.
  • Try to photograph some action. Cats playing or cats fighting always looks good and unusual.
  • Be at the same level as the cat's eyes unless you have something else in mind.
  • Watch photos of street cats of other good photographers. See what makes the photo good. Think about how to make the photo better.
  • Watch wildlife photos. Wildlife and street cat photography are not so different.
  • Use telephoto lens for not disturbing the cat. You will take more natural photos.
  • Be patient! The street cats need little time to habituate with you and your camera. In the beginning most of them will be scared. After 15-20 min photographing they will learn that you are not going to hurt them.
  • Practice! As many pictures you do, as better you become.

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17.03.2008 16:51:41

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