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Feline pregnancy, or gestation, usually lasts 63-65 days. The length of the pregnancy, from ovulation to birth can vary between different breeds - anything between 58-70 days is considered within normal range. Usually the long haired cats are pregnant more time than short haired. For example the pregnancy of the Persian cats lasts 65 days.

You should be able tell if your cat is pregnant by the second or third week of the pregnancy, as the nipples of the pregnant female become enlarged and change color to deep pink. Later on, the growing abdomen will become more visible and leave no room for doubt.

Take the cat to see the vet for a prenatal check-up. Your vet will be able to confirm the pregnancy using an ultrasound or other tests. He or she will also set a course of tests and future check-ups as necessary.

Occasionally, a cat may exhibit a condition called pseudo-pregnancy or false pregnancy, where elevated levels of hormones cause symptoms that look much like a pregnancy. This condition can last for several weeks and then gradually fade away.

A young and healthy pregnant cat usually needs little special care other than extra attention to her nutrition. The cat will need twice more food than normal.

She may experience nausea and morning sickness for a few days during mid-pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. She may also show a decrease in appetite and may even go off her food entirely a few days before the birth. If she stops eating for more than a couple of days, or if you notice a decrease in appetite for more than 3-4 days, consult your vet.

You should never medicate a cat unless your vet instructs to do so. This is especially important during pregnancy, where relatively safe and common drugs can be harmful. Let your vet know even if you only suspect your cat may be pregnant before any drugs are prescribed.

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