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(12.10.2008 11:23:02)

How can you train a cat to learn her name? And how can I be sure she knows her name? I got 2 years old Himalayan cat, she clearly understands when I talk to her, but she looks at me whatever I speak to her. Is there a way to know is she is knowing her name?

(24.10.2008 18:12:58)

Get another cat, call it a different name. Call that cat, if your Himalayan responds, she don't know her name. Simple, if not cost effective :P

(04.11.2008 14:35:05)

If you repeat her name while giving her food or some other pleasures :) she will connect the sound of her name with pleasure and she will always go back to the source of that sound when reproduced.

P.S. The test of deci is quite smart... i should try it with mine as well :)))

(02.01.2009 18:42:15)

my cats dont care what there name is unless theres soometing in it for them. i think my noisy cat screech thought his name was shut up for a while though

(02.04.2009 18:40:17)

awesome and cool:
Maybe your kitty is a reincarnation of the teenaged Russian Princess Anastassia who was murdered by the communists in 1918. During the 20th century many impostors showed up claiming to be her. None could guess her English nickname, which was Shut Up.

The way it happened, according to her English tutor, was one day the usually hyperactive princess got too hyperactive. The tutor lost it and told her to shut up. The Princess liked the expression so much that she took it for a nickname. She would sign her papers as Grand Duchess Anastassia Nikolayevna Shut-up Romanova!

(02.04.2009 18:57:16)

Getting a feral cat's name right is very important in the process of establishing a bond with the cat. One of the ferals in my care runs away unless I call him "Felix." Another, whom previous feeders called "Scaredy" for obvious reasons, became so friendly when I renamed her "Molly," that she started rubbing against me -- something ferals rarely do.

It takes years of patience and effort to find the name a feral connects with in such a way that it grows close to a human. So far, out of a colony of eight ferals, three approach me within a trusting distance of five feet, one within 27 inches (close enough to touch), one who likes having his back rubbed, and one who regularly rubs against me.

For more info see my blog Observations of feral cat behavior

(06.05.2009 09:50:53)

I started training Princess Sugar Pie when she was 2 years old using the clicker method. When cat does something positive just click and give them a treat. After a while you can wean them off the treats and just use love and praise. Princess Sugar Pie will soon be 6 years old in June and she can do numerous tricks by following voice commands. One of my friends has a neighbor who taught their cat to ring a bell hanging low on the inside and outside of the door. Whenever the cat wants to "come in" or "go out" it just rings the bell with it's paw. Cat training takes time and patience. That is why most people just give up. If your cat gets bored, just wait a while and resume the training at a later time. When you train the cat to recognize their name, keep it simple and use repetition. Use the same words each time you are training them. I just trained one of my new rescued cat's, named Mr. Shadow, to recognize his name. When ever I call him he runs like crazy to wherever I may be outside. Note: From my observations,female cats appear to be harder to train than male cats, but don't give up. Some cats are just easier to train than other cats. Happy training!


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