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(12.10.2008 11:59:51)

Mine is using a crystal type (some Bulgarian brand) with some blue things in it. And we keep the litter box in the bathroom.
What about your cat's?

(13.10.2008 06:29:09)

mine uses the toilet :D.... just kiddin... same with me here... a plastic one blue and yellow... but the cat sometimes does his dirty work behind the toilet... and no matter how much we wash he does it,.. from time to time :( Does anyone knows how to stop him from going there?

(15.10.2008 11:49:26)

My cat uses Some stuff called special Kitty. Gray boring stuff with green things in it. ^_^ They also like to use beds as bathrooms! :(

(18.10.2008 17:13:21)

Our two are great believers in the litter tray, if they're outside they come into use it and then go out again. We tried all sorts of litter, that 'woodchip' stuff that dissolves (and is very expensive), the clay type stuff that clumps up, sand (we live near a beach), but all they'll use is the non clumping grit.
They never 'go' anywhere else unless its a medical problem and can't quite make it.

(24.10.2008 11:35:09)

i use a natuaral grey granules cat litter that i found on the clumps and so much cheaper than in supermarket..get it in bags of 25 kilos delivered to my door..brillant..found it on pet supermarket and the brand is called so-kleen...bought it ages ago and still not half way thru the bag...very helpful when u have a lazy cat who refuses to go outside !! lol

(24.10.2008 15:10:37)

25 kilos :) you maybe need a separete room for that bag :D

(25.10.2008 02:10:46)

hehe ,its not that big believe me...its just

(23.06.2009 08:14:23)

My Cat actually has the CatGenie, it uses these plastic granules that look liked litter but are reusable because they are washed and dried. Its a great alternative to buying and scooping litter, since it is an automatic box.

(02.11.2009 12:01:14)

my cat uses Tidy Cats...

(20.11.2009 19:02:16)

Our two have to have the dissolvable pellets. Anything else and they scratch at the door like dogs to 'go' outside

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