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(29.10.2008 14:18:01)

I have a 11wk old kitten, Oscar who has been urinating on my bed linen. I allow both my 8yr old, Mojo and Oscar to sleep in my bed. While it is there sleeping place, i am perplexed as to why Oscar continues to urinate all over my linen.

I have guessed it may be 1.Territorial, although ruled this out as Oscar has not urinated anywhere else. or, 2. Brat Behaviour, Oscar's attempts to wake me at 6:00am in the morning fail and he then proceeds to urinate on my bed linen, forcing me to get out of bed. Although he has urinated on my bed in the afternoon also. I have tried to rub his face in it although today i had to bath him afterwards due to the stench.

Please, if anyone has any advice or ideas i would love to hear from you...

Amy Jo'

(30.10.2008 10:56:22)

How many trays do you have? You should have at least 1 for each cat, with possibly 1 extra. Where are the trays? Are they easily accessible from the bedroom?
Rubbing his face in it is doing nothing except making him fearful of you - He has no idea why you are doing that to him, he has no reason to connect the cause and effect so will not realise the why only the who. All it will accomplish is him avoiding you.

(04.11.2008 14:31:11)

I’ve heard that cats don’t pee where they eat,… which means if you spread food on the place where it urinates, the problem will be solved. In this case, although, it will be quite hard to spread food on your bed :-). But who knows… you can try with little bit.

(04.11.2008 15:41:52)

Sularome - Don't you mean cats won't eat where they toilet? This means that litter trays should be kept at quite a distance from their food bowls.
Never heard it the way round you put it????????????

(06.11.2008 00:27:16)

Well,, if the cat is doing it’s dirty work on some hidden place e.g. under the couch … you can spread some grains of food there and it won’t go there anymore. Ofc after you cleaned it first :)

(22.11.2008 18:25:37)

Usually if cats are urinating on a bed it's because they want to show that the bed is their bed. it might be territorisl. If the cat is not urinating anywhere else this is most times the case. To teach a cat not to urinate on your bed show the cat over and over through your own way that its your bed. try closing your door or not letting the cat on the bed uless you can keep an eye on it

(09.01.2009 16:13:01)

My kitten has started using my flower pots as a bathroom, and i just want to know if anyone has any ideas on how to break thios nasty little habit that is killing my plants?


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