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(05.11.2008 00:28:26)


I’m planning to travel for the holidays and i’m not sure how the cat behaves on trips. Is it to much of a stress? How this happens with transportation by plane? Or by car? Does it start to pee everywhere on the new place?


(05.11.2008 17:09:23)

Car or plane shouldn't make any difference. Though plane might be a little better as in the hold it will be cooler and may 'shut down' and go to sleep. While in a car you are you always on hand to give reassurance. Depends entirely on the cat I think.
As for peeing.............. I think that's only likely if its a male. Even then Toms only 'mark' new territory,or if they feel threatened, so if the cat has its own 'blanky', full of the usual scents then it shouldn't.

HTH :) Enjoy your Holiday


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