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(08.11.2008 18:55:12)

Hi all ,
I have always been a dog lover .. However , my daughter and I decided to adopt two small kittens? What is the best way to make them feel at home? I keep the dog upstairs? For now I am going to keep the kittens downstairs .. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

(09.11.2008 08:07:23)

We had the same situation a few years ago and we got a large pen from the rescue where we got the kittens and put the kittens in there while letting the dog get used to them being around , their smell, their noises etc.
We would take the kittens out while he was outside or on his walks so they had a chance to explore and find their way round.
We kept that up for a week (though two are recommended) and all was fine. The cats ended up bullying the dog. He would steal their food, but it was all good ;)


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