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(09.11.2008 22:39:14)

Hi all,

i'm keeping my cat's food in the fridge, but in the morning it's cold and i should warm it up somewhere, I go with a hot water, but the cat is going crazy to wait that much.

Do you think that i can do it in the microwave, just a bit :)
Can that be dangerous for the cat?


(10.11.2008 04:30:51)

I warm my cat's food in a microwave and I don't see a problem with that. Just don't warm it too much :)

(10.11.2008 07:42:05)

We do the same in the middle of winter when the sachets are cold first thing in the morning - Just a couple of seconds on full is about right to bring it up to blood temperature. Any hotte and she will likely refuse it.

(01.04.2009 21:15:58)

Microwave is safe in terms of radiation, since it is only electromagnetic waves of the same frequency as radar. It heats things by agitating the water molecules in the food.

The bad thing about microwave is that it is very spotty. One part of the food will be cold while another will burn the kitty's tongue, so stir the food thoroughly before dishing it out. I usually microwave the meat part of the food and afterwards stir in some table cream to moderate the heat.

My co-feeder of feral cats warms the food over the defroster vents of her car as she drives from colony to colony. For home cats a double boiler is the best equipment -- humans have used it for generations to warm their babies' food.


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