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(12.11.2008 23:58:15)

Can someone advise me, how to break my cat’s bad habit to jump on the kitchen table and eat everything that’s on it… I tried to use some sounds like pssssssssst plus pushing it away, it didn’t help at all. I heard lightly slapping with journal may help, but I’m not very happy with the idea of slapping my cat. Do you have any other advices/experiences?


(13.11.2008 11:50:03)

eep a spray bottle of water handy? Just don't her see that it's you doing the spraying.
Or if your cat jumps on the table for a sniff around when your not using it, cover it with tin foil. Never tried this myself, but apparently cats hate the feel of it under their paws. It should eventually associate the tin foil with the table and stop altogether.
I agree about the slapping, one reason I don't like it is your punishing your cat just for being a cat, the other is that it will just associate the slap with you and while your not around will still jump on the table.

Of course you could always be like me and not give a damn. If the cat wants to be on the table, the cat goes on the table :)

(22.11.2008 18:29:03)

If you can put items on or around the table blocking the cat from jumoing on if the cat moves the items or causes more disturbance try ,picking up your cat and moving it to a bed or food to show it the better thing to do. Of course this may not work because cats are independant and probably dont care anyways

(01.01.2010 12:17:29)

well sularome i clap my hands and say no really Loud and that doesnt work i dont know what will but i agree slapping the cat just gets them nowhere and dont spray them with water because my friend did when it was little and it lives outside never goes in and its very aggresive so no water!!!

p.s. i hope that helps by 4 now if not then try a professional bye bye!!!

(01.01.2010 12:19:12)

try slapping the journal down on the table and quickly respond with a NO and a hand motion of your choice (pointing) usually when my cat gets on the table, dresser, ect. i walk closer to the kitty and he gets off so eventually your cat will do the same.

(17.03.2010 08:35:56)

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