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posted in "Behavior"

(09.01.2009 21:00:33)

MY kitten Suki likes to use the flower pots as a bathroom and i would like to know if any one has a clue on how to stop this/ break her from doing it?

(10.01.2009 16:56:10)

Cats do prefer to use soil as a toilet, because it covers both the faeces/urine smell and presence.
Spray around the base of the plant with lemon juice - cats hate citrus smells.
Or buy some feline pheromone spray , meant to stop your cat scratching furniture, but should also work here

(11.01.2009 00:04:24)

allright ill try that thank you so much for the ideas

(11.01.2009 07:40:57)

Hope it works, le us know how you get on :)

(12.01.2009 12:54:16)

woow i should definitely try the lemon juice thing... Sounds like very good idea...

(14.01.2009 20:19:37)

the lemon juice thing kinda works and kinda doesn't. now she just claws the dirt out of the pots and then either uses it or the dirt in the floor. >.< I sprayed it all around the plants the and the pots and on the floor.

(15.01.2009 08:27:29)

Never heard of that happening before??????

Could you put tin foil around the base of the plant, completely covering the top of the plant pot? That'll take away the immediate impulse and may encourage her to use her litter.

Alternatively, experiment with different types of litter and if you can't find one she likes....... just use soil or sand. Until she gets used to using the tray. A lot of manufacturers put bleach in the litter and some cats don't like it. (Ours on the other hand, love rolling about on a freshly bleached floor.)

Is the litter in a private place? Ot in a main corridor/busy area/

(16.01.2009 02:30:37)

very private and ill try all that cause we got a new kitten and she is teaching her to do it too?

(16.01.2009 08:14:38)

Try those and good luck with the new kitten ;)

(01.01.2010 12:21:35)

well what i did is i took theere face and put there noses in the litter box make sure to get it deep in but not 2 long and if that doesnt work clean the litter box every day thats a big role bye bye peace!!!!!!!!!!!

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