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(14.01.2009 20:28:03)

She hisses at them especially under things or in her litter box.... i don't know what to do i have tried alot and if she doesn't stop I am afraid ill have to get rid of her DD; please help me

(15.01.2009 08:16:40)

Are they making a grab for her? Or lunging at her and sticking their face in hers?
Obviously just very frightened - If she was aggressive, she wouldn't stop at just hissing.
She should be allowed to approach people in her own time. Cats normally avoid people they don't know and who try to make eye contact. However, they will eventually go to someone if they are ignored by them. Provide these 'other' people with treats which they can offer at a distance, preferably still in the crinkly bag so the noise of the bag is what first catches her attention.

Remember, no one can force you to be friends with someone, you can't force her........

(16.01.2009 02:28:35)

i dont thsese are people who have been around her since we got her and she just wont be touched all of a sudden and she is just mean to them now and i mean they just go to get pick her up thats all and no one has done anything to her

(16.01.2009 08:12:04)

"they just go to get pick her up thats all"............ With some cats Misa, that's enough. Leave her alone, ignore her. Let her find somewhere to hide and when she chooses she should come out and be more inquisitive and ready to lightly touched. Eventually she will probably be ready to be picked up.

Be warned though. Our black that we've had for 10-11 years, still won't be picked up willingly even by us and guests have no chance. Though she will be stroked by them. In fact she insists on it :}

(16.01.2009 08:22:31)

yea she jut used to not be this way..... but she is getting better with a new pla mate

(16.01.2009 10:14:47)

".... but she is getting better with a new pla mate".......... Maybe a bit of jealousy going on when she sees the new kit getting the attention?

(01.04.2009 17:11:48)

Do your friends also have cats? Your cat may be reacting in her territorial ways to the cat scent on them.

These are the basic rules I discovered for interacting with skittish cats, based on my experiences with feral cats, who will have nothing to do with humans. I have progressed so far that a couple of ferals now allow me to pet them (see Forum > Cat Photography > Feral Cats only)

- Do not approach the cat from front and high. To the cat your hand looks like a paw of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Instead, approach the cat from the flanks. Stroke the cat's hindquarters with the back of your hand.
- Approach the cat with your hands in your pockets.
- Distract the cat with food, then you can stroke its back and flanks.

- Much more on the subject on Feral Cat Forum click on the topic "Observations of Feral Cat Behavior"


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