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(06.03.2009 19:55:29)


(06.03.2009 20:01:41)

Feral Cats

(06.03.2009 20:08:01)

Zorro, a feral beauty who lives in the area of Islip-MacArthur airport.

(06.03.2009 20:16:44)

Muzzie, a feral Maine-Coon Cat.
Surprisingly he is very skinny under all that fur.

(06.03.2009 20:26:44)

Molly, an extremely rare picture of an adult feral cat rubbing against her human friend.
It was her own idea - when I tried to rub her back she bit me!

(06.03.2009 20:50:48)

The very prim and proper Miss Molly from the previous post.

(21.03.2009 03:10:37)


(01.04.2009 17:51:24)

When a couple of ferals would not come out of the bushes, I made the bushes work for me.

Here they bring out the suspicious nature of the tux Felix (front) and the cuteness of the gentle tabby Kosichka (back).

(01.04.2009 20:30:43)

Another picture of Felix:

The Cats themselves tell me how they want to be called. I try various sounds on them and watch their reactions. I tried names like Batman, Harlequin, Domino on this black-masked kitten. He shied away until I called him Felix, after the happy cartoon character. He really is a very good-natured cat despite his fierce appearance.

(06.05.2009 09:51:39)

It takes a lot of patience and gentle talk to get a feral cat to pose for you. Zorro came to within six feet of me - four feet closer than the typical feral approaches a familiar human.
The photo is the prize.

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