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(01.05.2009 03:20:50)

Hi all,

Check how cute those cats are:


(06.05.2009 09:51:14)

Just like our two......... aren't. We get flying fur if they come within two feet of each other :(

(19.06.2009 18:54:33)

omg that is adorable !! I have all girls, so none of that :P

(21.06.2009 18:10:36)

kittah............ So have we, but although the black is a real sweetheart and just wants to love everybody, the tabby don't like anyone that isn't her. Always been jealous if anything gets attention but her. Can't even read a book without her lying on it, used to eat my daughters revision papers when she was doing her degree. Hell on legs...... Little fat, stripey legs


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