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(17.04.2008 16:03:41)

Hey! I just joined and I'd just like to say, I love photography! Its this weird hobby I'm strangely addicted to. Not to mention, I looooove cats!!! Their my favorite animal in the world. When I was growing up we had to cats, brother and sister, and I loved them. Then the she-cat had to be put down at like 6 years, because she was pretty sick. So I really only remember the tom, and I love him dearly. Though sadly he had to be put at 16 about 2 years ago, and I really miss him! Since then we got a little cat that we named Lily. Even though she'll never be like the tom, Muffy, I grew up with, I still love her. So yeah, thats my 'cat' life story! Haha!


**yes, my nickname is my cat Muffy's name. He was really close to me.

(18.04.2008 03:46:59)

Hi iluvmuffy and welcome to the forums. Don't you have some pictures of the cat? We would love to see it.

(20.04.2008 02:56:06)

I'll love to see your cat too :)

(01.05.2008 18:24:52)

would you guys love somepics of my cat roofuss hes an enormous garfeild cat, hes such an angel,hes going to be 4 soon.

(01.05.2008 18:50:12)

:) we'll love to see him too

(02.05.2008 08:43:08)

Hi roofyslover,

Do you know how to upload pictures to the site?
I would love to see your cat.. i adore garfield! :)

(11.06.2008 23:45:00)

hi there and good to see more cat lovers here!! :)

(17.06.2008 08:54:04)

sure! i'll upload a pic of Muffy asap!

(17.06.2008 20:44:55)

I'm new to this whole thing but i love cats so much i think they are amazing miracles from heaven. yeah that sounds corny but seriously, mine always know when im sad and when i need a friend. they really keep me going and idk how people can hate them or mistreat them, it really angers me.

(02.01.2009 19:02:17)

the only thing that sucks is i cant stand only 3 a day i have so many i want to use!


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