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(15.05.2009 00:38:57)

I have a situation that I am hoping you can help me with: It's a question about territorial cats...

My 4 yr.old orange, short-haired Tabby (Ricochet) is funloving, frisky, playful & loves to watch & occasionally stalk the birds on our lawn. He's not aggressive at all, but within the last year a long-haired orange & white cat moved in down the street and decided he wanted to be friends with Ricky. Ricky doesn't like him coming on to our property & last night the cat was out & Rickhy started a figh through the screen of the open window ABOVE the kitchen sink! I never hear any hisses or see aggression from the other cat. (Don't know if it's a male or female.) - About a year ago, Ricochet started 10:30pm prowls & yowls around the living room. I decided, that earlier in the evening I'd let him out & bring him in before 10:30 by offering wet food.

My question to you is, if Ricochet IS being territorial by not wanting that cat over here (he's fine with other cats), what can I do to either deter the other cat from coming into our yard &/or Ricky from being a watch-cat & causing us to lose sleep? With the weather getting hotter, we do leave our windows open, and don't want to lose sleep like last night. How does one tame a protective cat?


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