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(21.12.2009 11:24:22)

Tigers and tabbies typically are marked with a runic-looking M above the eyes. So far I have not come across any attempts at interpreting this mark, and yet it should be a sign for divination. What especially caught my attention is that the mark on Molly's forehead looks just like the markings on the back of a "Horned Toad" lizard, which plays a fateful role in the Hopi Prophecy.


(13.03.2010 21:38:30)

So far, I've observed that Molly is very prim and proper, and insists the other cats in the colony behave likewise. She used to be the scarediest cat in the colony. Then, suddenly, around the age of five, she came up and started rubbing against me. Since then she remains affectionate toward two of the humans who feed her.


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