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posted in "Behavior"

(26.03.2010 07:49:29)

When the house gets quite my cat meows while carrying a sock, piece of paper, stuffed animal or any personal item of ours out of the bedrooms and brings them in the hallway or livingroom and leaves them and goes around meowing. When we come home we find things left in hallway. Does my cat get anxiety when left along?

(18.07.2010 18:38:06)

Hi !
One of my cats is doing the same thing with his favorite stuffed mouse. I think he is acting like an outdoor cat that is capturing animals (and brings his prey to us as a present).

(17.01.2011 05:49:02)

find them funny game ... give them balls to play for example :)


my lazy cat Sleepy Meelo Feral Cats CAN be friendly mica I couldnt seperate them