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(22.04.2008 03:45:14)

How often you feed you cat? Mine is 1 and 1/2 years old (she is female), and I feed her twice a day, around 150 grams per feed. She has no weight issues. What is your experience?

(01.05.2008 18:40:52)

roofuss has food laid out for him 247 he is pretty hefty now, although he is built big already he weighs about 21 ibs the other day he tore into a new bag of food when he already had some out.i think he needs a diet, playtime is very healthy though, im scared if i cut down on his food he'll be hungry all the time

(01.05.2008 19:01:32)

21 lbs really sounds like a lot of weight. Mine is around 8-9 lbs, but she's female, it's normal to weight less. I don't know if diet can help you.. I think he'll meow up your life if you try to cut his food :) A little more playtime is really a good though. And don't forget to show us some pictures.. I am curious to see him :)

(22.06.2008 23:27:34)

I feed Leo 3 times a day. he has no weight problems right now. He's 8 months.

(24.07.2008 10:31:26)

We free feed ours, leave a couple of bowls of biscuits around the house and give them meat meals three times a day. Neither are overweight in fact the black is slightly underweight.
Cats are naturally grazers and shouldn't overeat. Unlike dogs who eat everything because they're naturally never sure where their next meals coming from, so they gorge.

(25.10.2008 02:52:58)

i give rupert a pouch twice a day, he only licks the gravy and leaves the rest (that a stray finishes everyday when visiting my flat) but hes fond of cat biscuits so i leave some 24/7 for him to nibble.hes 12lbs(6kilos) which is a reasonable weight for a male cat of his age...[b]

(07.12.2008 04:47:16)

Ofen I feed my cat 1 or 2 times a day but if it want more i feed it one more time.

(02.01.2009 18:47:39)

we just leave bowls of food out we have one of health hairball food and one of inddor cat formula for them. the only one that is large is lestat but we are pretty sure that its just muscle and fur

(01.04.2009 21:31:01)

I feed eight ferals, whose eating habits vary with the change of the seasons. Right now, during a cold March/April, they eat just under three quarters of a can of Friskies each, and one or two cups of dry food. As the weather warms up they eat less and less -- by mid-July two cans a day will be more than enough for the entire colony. In September and October they eat like it's going out of style in order to fatten up for the winter (Interestingly, home cats who were rescued from the streets also follow this pattern). Strangely, sometime in mid-Winter the ferals cut back on their eating, and eat only enough to maintain body heat. When it rains, or snows, the ferals won't come out to eat for days on end.


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