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(17.05.2008 15:54:41)

To see if your cat has a problem, ask yourself the following

1. Does your cat sleep 22 hours a day, and spend the other two
hours in non-stop eating?

2. Does your cat take frequent naps in annoying places, such as
in the center of the dinner table, in the kitchen sink, or on top
of your freshly-cleaned-of-hair bedspread?

3. Is your cat selfish? Conceited? Arrogant? Aloof? Insensitive?

4. Does he wake you up in the middle of the night and refuse to
stop meowing until you accompany him to his food bowl to watch
him eat?

5. Does your cat tear down holiday decorations? Does he destroy
any stuffed toy or cat-sized household ornament which might be
misconstrued as his competition?

6. Does your cat perceive himself to be sole owner of all
property? Does he often show disdain for your taste, or act as if
you are an embarrassment to him?

If you answered 'yes' to most of these questions . . . relax,
your cat is normal!


My cat is definitely normal :D

(20.05.2008 10:21:29)

Yeah, mine is VEEEEERY normal too (LOL).

(06.06.2008 02:01:16)


(17.06.2008 20:46:25)

can cats be homosexual?

(18.06.2008 00:38:09)

yes :D In fact, most of the male cats are bisexuals

(14.12.2008 03:41:08)

oOOo yeah !!!
my cat is sooooooooo NORMAL !! :)

(25.02.2009 17:10:20)

Mine is mostly abnormal. He doesn't meow at night unless he knows we are up and he knows when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are.

(08.03.2009 05:05:54)

my cat poppy is normal LOL !!!

(14.06.2009 01:46:51)

my cat is a tiger $700 my cat is sooo not normal

(16.06.2009 03:06:37)

[b]my cat is a dog\hawk\cat\possim that is not normal baby not normal


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