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posted in "Behavior"

(11.06.2008 02:28:21)

I've notice that my cat loves to walk and to lay on the keyboard of my laptop. It sure is funny sometimes, but it's pretty annoying when I'm trying to work. Is she seeking some kind of attention, or she just like the heat from the laptop?

(06.07.2008 16:37:42)

My cat does that too. I'm sure it is for both reasons.

(15.10.2008 11:55:00)

My cats always do that! I even put a pillow beside it so my cat could sleep while I work but She still chooses the keyboard. I'm not sure!

(09.01.2009 16:15:34)

Both cats i have had do that. My ninja did and now my other kitten does it Suki. It must be for both and they both love chasing the mouse on the monitor. =)


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