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(17.06.2008 20:49:45)

i have a cat and hes pretty chubby.. actually 3 out of 4 of them are. but what is too fat? are you supposed to see the ribs? i've heard different things but i'm not sure. and what are preferances on cat food?

(18.06.2008 00:35:28)

Hi, you don't have to see the ribs, but you have to feel them easily on touch. The main symptom that your cat is really overweight is when they stop to be playful, not because of aging or something, but because of the impossibility to move their weight. If this happen you have to consult with a veterinarian about a diet

(18.06.2008 12:16:40)

oh okay i think he's safe then, he's really really playful

(18.06.2008 12:19:26)

I'm glad he's OK. You know I'll really love to see him

(14.06.2009 01:48:51)

my cat is over weight he is really heavy


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