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(20.07.2008 23:59:04)

If it looks like one of the cats on this movie:

(21.07.2008 05:44:22)

Garfield is like an anorectic cat compared to these ones :D

(24.07.2008 05:11:11)

As i always love to say... Garfield have good metabolism... otherwise he will be much fatter :)))))

Lucky cat!

(24.07.2008 18:21:08)

Lets face it! Garfield is an unreachable ideal of beauty! WE WANT REAL CATS IN THE MAGAZINES, NOT THIS PHOTOSHOPED BOLEMIC GUY!

(25.07.2008 00:17:15)


(08.08.2008 18:11:29)

Talking about Garfield, here you can read some of his funniest quotes:

(01.04.2009 20:58:30)

According to The Old Farmers' Almanac the record fat cat weighed 64 pounds. After six months on a diet he lost only four ounces, and his lady gave up.

But seriously, folks. Cats fatten up for winter, and grow a thick underfur. Feral cats definitely do, as do house cats who were adopted from the streets. But in midsummer they practically stop eating, and only drink cold water and milk (that's "Miiiilk" in the Maine-Coon language)


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