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(24.07.2008 16:41:27)

Petar, yeah, the 30D is good and I'm loving every minute of it........ Was my first (digital) SLR and it was an upgrade from the Canon Pro-1 bridge cam. I do find tho' that occasionally I miss pics or part of the action when they're playing about, so would really like a faster burst, but that'll have to wait until I'm satisfied I'm good enough to spend that kind of money.

(24.07.2008 17:22:38)

I thought that you'll get faster burst with the battery grip, but when I've made a quick google-ing I found nothing :\

(24.07.2008 17:41:42)

I posted this earlier but it seems to have gone AWOL.

Yeah, I like it a lot, had it about a year now, so just getting used to it, it was an upgrade from a Canon Pro-1 bridge cam, which was good little cam, but the shutter lag was too much for any decent cat photos. Won't be upgrading till this breaks (AND IF I can afford it), but when it finally does I would like to get a Canon 1D, just for the faster frame rate...... and the better focusing as I do a lot of low light stuff.

(24.07.2008 18:13:28)

Sorry, we got a little problem with our forum :) It's all fixed now.
About Canon 1D - I've heard very good thing about the first Canon 1Ds. And it's not really expensive these days. Unfortunately, I have never got the luck to even touch one of these technology wonders :( If you have some experience with it, share it with us.

(02.01.2009 18:33:39)

ooo i like lil. but i have this thing for black cats :)

(27.04.2010 11:00:45)

Hi all, I'm a newbie and I have a torti her name is Ducky [img]

(27.04.2010 11:01:46)

Hi all, I'm a newbie

(13.06.2010 10:14:21)

welcome aboard justducky. One more cat lover! :)

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