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(23.07.2008 18:54:55)

I think my cat photos may be too large for putting up here, but if you would like to see the two who own me and the missus >>>>>>>

Used to be a do person and though I don't dislike any animal, wouldn't have had a cat until my wife brought home a semi feral silver tabby. Living on the streets was obviously getting hard for her so being who she is, she brought her home, much too our dogs disgust. She lived another 8 months then I was onto cat rescue for another............ and of course she eventually had to have a playmate (who incidentally she hates) and here I am . :)

(24.07.2008 02:16:52)

Welcome to our site. You have really great cat photos in yours. Congratulations :)

(24.07.2008 05:08:40)

They are great, you should definitely share some of them with the other visitors on the site...

(24.07.2008 08:57:23)

Thanks folks........... I will share a couple later tonight when I've found the sizing rules.

(24.07.2008 09:09:43)

Here they are then..............

Katie Kitten Kat (KKK)
and Lil

(24.07.2008 09:12:15)

Sorry about that Lil didn't show up :(
Trying again

(24.07.2008 11:44:03)

Hi, there are no sizing rules. You can upload with whatever size you want, and the site will resize tham automaticaly (in fact it will resize them to 750px on the bigger site if they are larger)

(24.07.2008 13:51:19)

oohh they are great... what camera do you use?

(24.07.2008 15:07:32)

Its a Canon 30D - Both these where taken with flash, but different lenses (probably 50mm and 85mm, but the last one may have been a Sigma 24-70 zoom)

(24.07.2008 16:03:05)

Canon 30D is a very nice camera :)

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